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Living with Intention

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

When you arise in the morning think of what a

precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe,

to think, to enjoy, to love.

- Marcus Aurelius

Early October in Nantucket

Hello ......

It's likely fair to say many of us don't wake up first thing in the morning and pause to be grateful for this life like the poem above I shared with you all. Our alarms are set in the early morning hours and when it goes off each day we begin forging ahead with the daily morning, family, daily stress, and the speed of life we are all navigating through.

There is a term in the psychology called "resourcing". Resourcing is the ability to use internal and external resources to constructively achieve a relaxed but alert state of being.

Each of us have our own individual ways that we resource. I hope that you have found yours or at least that you are curious about discovering what they are. For me, I resource by practicing yoga and meditation but also through other ways....listening to music or an inspiring podcast, walking with my dogs, sitting outside, knitting, spending time with my dearest friends, getting a really good hug from my kids. You might ask yourself what are the ways that you resource in your life? When we resource we are intentionally reconnecting and calming the nervous system to calm down our life experiences.

The poem above by Marcus Aurelius also reflects another way of resourcing which is the intentional practice of gratitude. Gratitude practice doesn't take very long to do but the benefits are so valuable. Science has really chimed in as well to support this....if you are curious a really nice article is 'How Gratitude Changes Your Brain and Body' by Sarah Warren.

I have been working on integrating the gratitude practice more often in my day to day. It does not negate the fact that we all struggle...that life is not always easy ....but it does allow us to see the light even when there is darkness and to see the good in ourselves and each other. And it reconnects us to ourselves, others and the world we live in again and again.

Much love,



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