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The Sacred in the Everyday

Updated: Aug 31, 2022


Long Beach Island at Sunset

Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in 1803 and died at the age of 78 in the year 1882. I have been sharing his poem in my classes and it reminds us all of some of the most important truths in life and how they are utterly timeless. We need these reminders. So easily we get caught up. That is what yoga and meditation practice offers. A reminder of what is most important in life.

There is a zen saying, 'You sit and you sweep the garden and both are sacred'. What does this mean? Well, we sit and devote ourselves to these spiritual practices where we tap into more self awareness, presence, interconnectedness and a sense of well being. We understand what truly matters. But really we can begin to see this at anytime in our daily lives with practice. We can tap into seeing more meaning and beauty in our moment by moment experience even when we are doing more of the mundane activities in life like sweeping the garden.

Another way to explore the meaning of this......there is a Tibetan Buddhist phrase that translates as 'getting used to it'. This phrase is used as a substitute meaning for meditation. Moments of extraordinary connection, clarity, compassion and seeing more meaning in the day to day. The practice of meditation is the practice of getting used to more moments like this. As the great teacher Sharon Salzberg reminds us.....clarity, connection and love is something we innately have within us. We learn to dwell and abide more in these innate qualities.


Sundays 5pm-6pm

Mondays 9am-10am Summit YMCA

Tuesdays 11:15am-12:15pm

Tuesdays 6pm-7pm Summit YMCA

Been awhile since you unrolled your mat? Email me if you are interested in starting back quietly for privates or small group privates at your home including guided meditation sessions


WITH JENNY & SHERRI WEDNESDAY October 12th 12:45-2pm


Enjoy a relaxing afternoon with Jenny Hoffman and Sherri Williamson to deeply connect with your mindfulness practices. Jenny will begin by teaching a 45 minute gentle yoga flow class infused with mindful meditation principles to move and stretch the body while the mind begins to quiet. As you settle into Savasana, Sherri will lead a sound meditation using Himalayan singing bowls and Koshi wind chimes. You will leave the retreat feeling grounded, restored, and recharged.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels, including Beginners and those new to Meditation.

Location: Bhakti Barn Yoga Studio, Millburn

Keep an eye out for the link to sign up here or feel free to email me:

Do you envision yourself teaching one day or do you have an interest in learning more and deepening your yoga and meditation practice? Bhakti Barn School of Yoga has a two teacher training opportunities coming soon.

Weekend 200 Hour Teacher Training begins September 17th - March 19th

Meetings are 12pm - 4pm every other weekend.

Weekday 200 Hour Teacher Training begins January 9th - May 17th

Meetings are Mondays and Wednesdays 10:30-2:30pm

I can tell you from my own teacher trainings that it is truly a transformative experience whether you want to teach one day or simply learn more about this deeply rich practice of self discovery and awareness.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you are curious!

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