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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

To have deep respect for someone or something

A gesture indicative of respect , such as a bow

I love words and the meaning of them....semantics. Since I was a little girl I would open up the Webster's Dictionary to discover the meaning of a new word I would hear someone use. And even now at 47 I still must look up at least one word a week. Although I no longer have the Webster's Dictionary. So I defer to google.

This week I was listening to one of my meditation teachers, Tara Brach, discuss her childhood and how her parents were reverential to nature. This resonated wholeheartedly with me and I know it does to so many of you reading this right now. This word reverence stayed with me all week.

I began to think about my yoga and meditation practices and even my daily walks with my dogs and how these too instill a deep sense of reverence in a slightly different way.

The reverence I am speaking about is a mindset or say a lifestyle that we can prescribe to on a daily basis. If you have practiced long enough you see that reverence naturally arises on your mat. It is part of the discipline. We begin to notice it more as we explore postures, our breath, and we begin to even notice it in unexpected moments off of our mats in in our daily lives. We begin to have reverence for this life we have been given with all its many ups and downs and a true reverence for oneself.

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