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Relaxed Presence

In my time left here on Earth, I want to be kinder

to myself and to others. I want to be slower, be more

present , rest when needed, and focus on being a light

in the world. I want to stay in my light and do the best to

light the way forward for others.

Maria Shriver

I hope Maria Shriver's words inspire you like they do me. I was listening to a podcast with Sharon Salzberg a few weeks ago. If you are not familiar with Sharon's work, she is truly a meditation pioneer. She is one of the first to bring meditation and mindfulness into mainstream American culture over 45 years ago.

So back to the podcast, Sharon is telling this story of when her and Joseph Goldstein (another pioneer of mediation in the West) were speaking at a conference in Houston, Texas years ago. In between speaking engagements, Sharon and Joseph went to pick up lunch at a nearby restaurant. While they were there they got to talking to the friendly waiter helping them with their lunch order. The young man in his late twenties had shared with them that he was born and raised in Houston and in fact, had never even left Houston his entire life. He had a plan to travel to Wyoming one day. He gave this beautiful description of the landscape there. Wide open blue sky with so much space, freedom and expansiveness in every direction. Before leaving the restaurant that day, Joseph said to the man "You know, there is an inner Wyoming". The man looked puzzled and replied slowly, "That's weird".

When I heard this story a big smile came across my face and of course a giggle at the man's response. But what Joseph Goldstein said could not be more true. There is an 'inner Wyoming' in all of us. Each and everyone of us has the capacity through these practices of yoga and meditation to cultivate inner spaciousness. These practices teach us to cultivate a calming of the body, a calming of the breath and as a result a calming of the mind.


30 minute anytime of day flow

Donations Venmo @Jenny-Hoffman-11


Sundays 5pm-6pm

Mondays 9am-10am Summit YMCA

Tuesdays 11:15am-12:15pm

Been awhile since you unrolled your mat? Email me if you are interested in starting back quietly for privates or small group privates at your home including guided meditation sessions



Enjoy a relaxing afternoon with Jenny Hoffman and Sherri Williamson to deeply connect with your mindfulness practices. Jenny will begin by teaching a 45 minute gentle yoga flow class infused with mindful meditation principles to move and stretch the body while the mind begins to quiet. As you settle into Savasana, Sherri will lead a sound meditation using Himalayan singing bowls and Koshi wind chimes. You will leave the retreat feeling grounded, restored, and recharged.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels, including Beginners and those new to Meditation.

Location: Bhakti Barn Yoga Studio, Millburn

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