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On the Breath...

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

What a relief to spend part of your day not doing. To simply lie back and take in your breath. And observe one of the most fundamental aspects of your aliveness. It's like stargazing. Your mind wanders a bit - then you see the stars - then your mind wanders again - then you see another part of the night sky. Watching your breath can be that mesmerizing, and before you know it you've become part of something much larger than the confines of your habitual consciousness. The time you spend observing your breath will not only restore you physically but will add depth and dimension to your life. Because by its very nature your breath brings you into the present moment. For it is what is always happening to you now. And its ever changing quality brings you to a visceral understanding of impermanence. That knowledge can help you let go of your obsessions with the past and your longings and worries for the future so you can experience fully what is happening to you today, in this place, in this hour, in this minute, with this breath.

~Rodney Yee from Yoga The Poetry of the Body

Virtual Live Class Schedule

(live classes keep expanding...stop in and visit me from your home)*

Sundays 4:30pm

Mondays at Noon

Tuesdays 11:15am

Thursdays 11am

Thursdays 6:30pm

*Virtual live classes need preregistration. Please check out the studios website to sign up and you can practice with me live at home.

Seated meditation is advanced practice and often times we need a little bit more support when we rest the mind. You do not have to be seated to meditate. Often times I suggest to students to set themselves up in a restorative yoga posture so they can really allow the body and mind to be at rest. Savasana is one of them.

Traditionally, a class ends in savasana and although savasana is considered a yoga pose, it is a pose that requires no physical action. It is simply constructive rest. Consider setting yourself up in a supported savasana when you want to spend 5-10 minutes to rest the body and mind. You can set a timer and lay quietly or try one of the songs I suggested below. See what feels right for you.

Notice how I have used blankets and pillows to support the back of my knees, head and even one across the abdomen which can offer a very grounding sensation in the body.

Suggested Meditation Songs

~Singing Bowls & Bells by Jane Winther

~Breathing Space by Sacred Earth

New One Hour Class now up on You Tube.

See the link below and enjoy!

Thank you for your generous donations to my teaching and to FLAG (Front Line Appreciation Group). My friend Katie Darcy started this charitable organization in Summit to support local restaurants, the ER and ICU staff at Overlook Hospital. With the money those of you have donated so far we have been able to feed well over a 250 health care professionals a meal.

Donations are greatly appreciated and half of your donation supports FLAG

Venmo @Jenny-Hoffman-11


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