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Embracing the Present

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Embracing and Loving Who We Already Are.....

One of my favorite sayings is often attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us".

So today, start where you are. The past is gone. The future isn't here. This day offers each of us a chance to be the person we want to be. Not the person we wish we had been yesterday or want to be tomorrow, but the person we already are.

Excerpt from

I've Been Thinking

Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life

By Maria Shriver

Hello and welcome to September! September always creeps up on us doesn't it? I was grateful to spend some time last month at the beach with my family, my lab Blue and his shaggy friend Daisy. It's my happy place. I wish I could bottle up the early mornings and the evenings down there. Every night we would walk down to the bay with the dogs and watch the magic of the sun setting in the sky. What a blessed ritual. There is nothing quite like watching the sun rise or set to bring us into the present moment in our lives. It reminds me how I feel when I am in the middle of practicing yoga and you begin to feel fully awake and present in the moment. Things feel restful and expansive.

Yoga grounds me. And I have always craved that even before these uncertain times. So it is something I just do like taking your daily vitamin. But it doesn't need to be an hour every time you come on the mat. I have noticed my home practice feels just right if I practice for a half hour which was my inspiration for the new YouTube Video. Try this 30 minute practice below and see how it feels.

Class Schedule for outdoor classes will be sent out shortly. I have space for 6 mats that allows for safe outdoor social distancing. I will also be available to teach privates & group privates there by appointment only. Stay tuned for more details.

Much love,


New class now up on You Tube on my newly built Yoga Pergola

aka "Jenny's Yoga Pagoda"

Slowing down and cultivating ease

Click HERE and enjoy!

Meditation Song Suggestion if you'd like to pause your video during

Savasana (final resting posture)

Southern Sea by Garth Stevenson

Donations Venmo @Jenny-Hoffman-11

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