Coming Into Fall...

September.....the transition from summer days (yes, we have some summer days left) into the pace of Fall. For many of us, this transition into Fall can feel well, hectic. So what do we do? We acknowledge this transition and if you are like me, we continue to practice to find a place where we can slow down and reconnect with ourselves.

Yoga allows us to actually digest and reflect on these transitions in our lives. It provides a place for each of us to continue to strengthen, calm and ground the body and mind through intelligent aligned postures and breath work. On the mat, we get to set aside our hectic schedules and tune into aligning and centering ourselves from within. If you think about it even more, we are asked to put our belongings aside (yes, including your cell phone) for one hour and to sit down on your mat to begin the process of quieting and calming the mind through movement and breath. After that hour, it fells as if you have been away at a little retreat somewhere....that somewhere is within each and everyone of us if we take the time to get on the mat and slow down. The time we spend on our mats really just makes our daily lives and busy schedules more manageable because we take the time to slow down and restore ourselves in the practice of yoga.

In August, I spent three days training in Silver Springs, Maryland with Jason Crandall who is one of my most favorite teachers. If you aren't familiar with his work feel free to check him out at His wife, Andrea Ferretti, runs a wonderful weekly podcast on the site called Yogaland. They are awesome!

My training with Jason was all about injury prevention in a yoga vinyasa style class similar to the style I teach myself. I learned so much valuable information in regards to how we can make some very moderate and safe modifications to many postures to help provide more support to the hips, low back, sacroiliac joint and shoulders. These are areas of the body that students often feel discomfort in their bodies. I am excited to implement some of these teachings in my classes this Fall.

I have a few new classes on the schedule so please stop by and see me when you can~

Tuesdays 12:45-2pm, Gentle Flow at Bhakti Barn, Millburn

Thursdays 12-1pm Open Level at Yoga Essence Yoga Studio, New Providence

Saturdays 11 - 12pm Beginners Class at Baker Street in Maplwood (through October 6th)

practice and create a balance between strength and relaxation

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